According to the Farlex Medical Dictionary, a cravat bandage is “a bandage made by bringing the point of a triangular bandage to the middle of the base and then folding lengthwise to the desired width.” The triangular bandage is one of the most versatile and well-known bandages in the world. Often added to first aid kits and emergency preparedness bags, the triangle bandage has a long history of treating wounds and saving lives. 


The first use of the cravat bandage is attributed to a Swiss doctor named Mathias Mayor in 1830, but as with many medical advances, the first widespread use of the triangle bandage was on the battlefield. During the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, surgeon Johann Friedrich August von Esmarch created what was known as the “von Esmarch triangular cloth bandage,” an evolution of the bandage Mayor had created years earlier.


Widespread use of the bandage came from Robert Woods Johnson, who in the early 1900s developed the “Esmarch Bandage” and included illustrated instructions of the many uses printed directly on the bandages and maintained the “Esmarch” name on the packaging.


Fast forward to today and Esmarch’s bandage is still an essential part of emergency medicine. However, newer, more functional triangular bandages are available to medical teams and outdoor enthusiasts, including your new, favorite multi-use wrap: The H&H Med Corp TACWrap. Read on to learn more about how a triangle-shaped bandage can do so much. 


Triangular Bandage Uses


Triangular bandages are reminiscent of the Boy Scout neckerchief or the standard cowboy bandana. Cut into a right-angle triangle, the cloth has a cut diagonally and can be folded down into a cravat. The most common use for triangular bandages is as a sling to restrict the movement of broken bones and soft tissue injuries. However, there are a few more uses for the cravat that you may or may not be familiar with. Some are obvious medical uses, but others require a little more creativity. 


Splint for Broken Leg 


With a broken and fractured leg, one has to immobilize the injured bones to prevent further injury. The most common method is to create a splint, which can be done with a cravat. Field injuries typically have padding placed between the legs and then the splint is tied. That helps to immobilize the leg without interrupting the blood circulation.




The triangular-shaped bandages are perfect for creating a cravat used as a sling to immobilize arms, shoulders, wrists, or even jaws. Other types of slings used are the elevated sling and collar-and-cuff sling. Checking blood circulation is important when tying a sling, especially when first tied. 


Bleeding Wounds


The cravat bandage can be used after applying a compress by tying the ends together. It’s most often used to control bleeding wounds of the scalp or forehead, eye, temple, cheek, and ear. Using the triangular bandage to restrict blood flow above a large wound is also possible and a multi-use tourniquet, like the SWAT-T, is a great companion for your kit to help control blood loss. 


Non-Medical Uses


This is where including a triangular bandage is an essential part of an emergency kit. Quick thinking can make the difference when reaching for a cravat to use as a makeshift face mask. It also makes for a great water filter element to remove dirt, algae, and debris from untreated water. Or, use as shade from the hot sun or as a glove replacement to prevent hypothermia or when handling hot cooking utensils.  


Burn Dressing


The H&H Med Corp TACWrap is a sterile, non-adherent dressing material for treating wounds and dry burns. That’s a huge advantage over other gauze dressings that aren’t rated for treating burns and make H&H Med Corp a leader in the field of wound care. 


Your New, Favorite Multi-Use Wrap: The H&H Med Corp TACWrap


The H&H TACWrap Multi-Purpose Burn Cravat is the essential triangular bandage for medical (and non-medical) emergencies. Made from 100% spunbond polypropylene, the wrap measures 45” X 45” x 63”.


Plus, the H&H Med Corp TACWrap is made in the USA,  TAA compliant, and is battle tested with compact & rugged packaging.


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