H&H Med Corp - Adult Trauma Kit

All I want for Christmas is my… adult trauma response kit?

Bet you never thought of adding a trauma response kit to your holiday wish list, but major, unexpected injuries occur quite often this time of year.  

For those who are always prepared, it can be easy to let your guard down this time of year. Who knew that all the things that make this season festive could be a potential hazard? Here are some important trauma-related statistics to keep in mind as you plan your holiday activities.

Cutting down a Christmas tree
Picking out and cutting down your own real Christmas tree is the quintessential kick-off to the season; but take heed! An estimated 2,000+ injuries happen nationwide when using knives or saws to trim or cut down a Christmas tree.  

Splitting firewood
When chopping firewood for a holiday bonfire, fireplace, or stove, be careful how you chop your way through a cord of wood this winter. Some 10,000 injuries each year occur from axe or hatchet accidents at home.

Lighting bonfires or fireplaces
Building the perfect bonfire not only takes some practice, but it also takes some extra caution. Nearly 47,000 fires occur during the winter holidays, causing more than 2,200 injuries.   

Field-dressing your game
Whether it’s deer or other game you’re after for your holiday feast, don’t forget that major hunting injuries are from lacerations—44.2% to be exact—and most occur when hunters field-dress or process their own game. Also, there are approximately 6,000 injuries related to tree stand use each year.   

Hanging lights
Hanging Christmas lights may seem like one of those practical real-world skills, but sometimes even the most agile of us lose our balance. An estimated 5,800 accidents occur because people fall putting up decorations during the holiday season—and another 2,000 people suffer lacerations, sprains, and more from tripping over extension cords.

No matter how you plan to spend your holiday season, accidental medical traumas can happen. Give (or ask for) the gift of emergency preparedness this year.

This isn’t the first-aid kit you get at the drugstore. H&H’s Adult Trauma Response Pack Is ideal for all the preppers and outdoor enthusiasts on your gift list. It has all the components you need to handle any of these injuries and more. Each response kit is small and light enough to fit in a deep pocket, a double magazine pouch, a trunk, or a glove compartment, so you can easily make it an essential part of your emergency medical survival kit. 

The Adult Trauma Response Pack comes pre-packed in a vacuum-sealed thick 5 mil poly bag for protection. Each item in the kit is individually packed and sterilized to make it easier for you to use and save. The Pack contains several of our most popular products, including:

  • One H&H MiniTAC Rolled Wrapping Gauze
  • One H&H Thin H Compression Bandage
  • One H&H Wound Seal Kit occlusive dressing
  • One H&H TK-4L Strap Tourniquet
  • One roll of Combat Medic Reinforcement Tape
  • One pair of large Nitrile gloves

Our Adult Trauma Response Packs are proudly made in the U.S.A. and designed by expert professionals with combat and military trauma experience. You can count on these products to handle your own civilian medical emergencies.

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