SWAT-T Product Information

The SWAT-T™ Tourniquet has proven itself to be one of the most reliable and easy-to-use tourniquets in both for both civilians and military personnel.

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Uses for SWAT-T™

SWAT-T tourniquet


The SWAT-T’s main use is as a tourniquet, when bleeding is severe (arterial) and loss of life is the greatest concern.

SWAT-T pressure dressing


The SWAT-T can be used as a pressure dressing when hemorrhage is controlled or for venous and capillary oozing.

SWAT-T elastic bandage


The SWAT-T can be used to splint an extremity to the body, other leg, or to a rigid object for immobilization.

Who Can Use the SWAT-T™

The SWAT-T™ can effectively apply it in seconds with little to no prior training. It’s unique design is proven for adults, and individuals with smaller limbs like pediatrics and canines.

SWAT-T adult


SWAT-T adolescents


SWAT-T canine



SWAT-T Rescue Orange

Rescue - Orange

Developed for Fire/EMS, School Resource Officers, Outdoor enthusiast (hunters/hikers/etc.), and home usage.

SWAT-T Tactical Black

Tactical - Black

Tactical black for tactical operators - those working in high risk environments for penetrating trauama.

SWAT-T Training Blue

Training - Blue

While any SWAT-T can be used for training, having a blue tourniquet will more easily designate trainers.

The SWAT-T™ in Action

SWAT-T video

Self Application Arm

SWAT-T video

SWAT T Instructional

SWAT-T video

Pressure Dressing


Has the SWAT-T been tested to ensure that it is durable and safe?

Yes, the SWAT-T has been extensively tested from a durability standpoint, and detailed biocompatibility tested as well. It has been stretched to >200% strain x 5000 revolutions with no deformation in the properties. Frozen, boiled, and in the field from Antarctica (Vinson Massif) to Afghanistan; the SWAT-T will function well in any environment.

What are the biggest strengths of the SWAT-T?

Low cost, intuitive (less training), low weight/space, safer pressures, less painful than other tourniquets, and effectiveness on all limb sizes. We firmly feel the SWAT-T can perform as good as, or better than, the competition while providing additional treatment solutions

Has there been research to compare the SWAT-T to other tourniquets?

Yes, there are multiple independent (not company-sponsored) studies looking at the SWAT-Tʼs effectiveness. Read more here (link out to the research page).

Have there been any head-to-head trials (not company-sponsored)?

Yes, referenced above, there have been several comparison trials. The biggest was a study published in Military Medicine - 2013, comparing the SWAT-T to the CAT (Combat Applications Tourniquet - the most distributed tourniquet to the military). The SWAT-T performed very well and actually was superior to the CAT in many areas (including ease of use, effectiveness, and safety). The SWAT-T did not reach the dangerous occlusion and completion pressure seen with the strap style tourniquet, and the SWAT-T was completely effective. The author of this study also made some novel insight into strap/windlass style tourniquets - “these will lose significant pressure as tissue beneath the tourniquet relaxes.” No other research has looked into this problem, and the researcher found the properties of the SWAT-T prevented this phenomenon from occurring.

What is the militaryʼs stance on the SWAT-T?

In recently released, K9TCCC guidelines, SWAT-T is the only tourniquet type to be recommended for use in trauma sustained by working dogs. 

We are seeing increased interest in the military in numerous areas. Some as tourniquets (often secondary as they have issued windlass tourniquets) but many as pressure dressings (over their hemostatic agent or gauze) or as a tourniquet for working canine or pediatrics...where many feel the SWAT-T is far superior. 

Customer Quote: “If I carry 2-4 of the same type of tourniquet...I limit myself to any/all problems seen with that one device.” There is no single perfect solution.

Are there any challenges with the SWAT-T?

The biggest challenge we see is easily overcome with brief training. One-handed application.  The SWAT-T can be applied one-handed - with ease, but like every tourniquet, this requires some added training.

Here is our instructional video for one-handed application.

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