Before Fielding
I work for a new Nonprofit organization called Serqet Medical Solutions, Inc and I work on their Med-4-Rangers project to deliver medical solutions to Wildlife Protection Rangers operating in high risk Conservation areas. Our goal is to equip as many rangers as possible with self help trauma kits. I am ex UK Special Forces (Although I have been working on and off in anti poaching in East Africa for the past 3 years). I have not had any experience with your Tourniquet but have used both the CAT and the SOFT tourniquets but I have heard some good things about the SWAT-T and the cost and size being a major factor here – as we will be fitting out several hundred Rangers with kits we would like to include the SWAT Tourniquet into our offering. Our 1st project is to deliver kits to Rangers in the Seregeti and Selous reserves in Tanzania, Africa. As well as equipment we are also providing training on self help trauma med to the rangers and this will be carried out by our certified medical professionals (Docs, RN’s and former combat medics who work in EMS).
-MT, Consultant

Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is Africa’s oldest national park. It is also Africa’s most dangerous – 140 rangers have been killed in the line of duty over the last 20 years. Armed poachers and roving militias — who have been warring in the park since the ’90s — outnumber park rangers ten to one.
During patrols, we come into contact with armed poachers or groups of armed people staying in the forest.
Whenever there are incidents, there are always deaths.

-Pete Kowalczyk

After Fielding
We are extremely happy with the tourniquet, and plan to use it for all future packs. The Rangers caught on to how to use it quickly, in part due to the circle/square diagrams on the tourniquet. Brilliant.
Liz Marriott, RN, CEO

Serquet Medical Solutions

Serqet Medical Solutions, Inc. is an NGO committed to providing medical gear and training to the rangers of Virunga National Park These rangers work selflessly to protect the wildlife of Africa’s oldest national park and many have given their lives in the performance of their duties.