I have reviewed the SWAT-T device and accompanying instructions. The instructions that accompany the device are in-line with the forthcoming standards for tourniquets that will be implemented here at EMS.

I see no reason that the device would not be effective as advertised. The graphics on the device are user friendly and I had no trouble applying it effectively to myself and to several volunteers on both upper and lower extremities. I did not test it while bloody, wet, hot, and cold, etc. I also did not (obviously) leave the device in place for any length of time to test how well it adhered, but as a simple pressure dressing it performed well.

I have some reservations about the claim that it is reusable unless soiled, etc. I can understand the need to re-use the device in an extended operational environment but wouldn’t recommend that it be reused under most circumstances that SERT team members would encounter.

I feel that the $8.99 advertised price for the device is reasonable when considering the versatile application and the cost of some other devices that I located on a quick web based search. I feel that some other available devices might provide a more certain stoppage of blood flow, because they provide for a more controlled mechanical restriction and don’t rely on the adhering properties like the SWAT-T, but the devices I viewed online are either much larger or cost prohibitive. The SWAT-T being latex free and having a shelf life of 3 years are both advantages.

I didn’t have the chance to review the manufacturers training guidelines on the device but am certain that the training division here could review the materials provided by the manufacturer and train the SERT operators to use the device in a fairly short amount of time. I do highly recommend training and yearly review with this, or any medical device that the operators choose to carry. In light of my training and experience, I would have no reservations about utilizing the device for its advertised purpose during a real-world event. Thank you for the chance to assist you with this matter.

Police Officer From Pennsylvania

NTOA: Member Tested and Recommended Program