The SWAT Tourniquet is an ingeniously simple device used for hemorrhage control of an extremity. It is easily applied by either an individual or a buddy. In fact, I had a test volunteer who readily applied the tourniquet to herself using the SWAT (Stretch, Wrap and Tuck) technique. The latex-free rubber tourniquet measures 4″ wide by 50″ length. By stretching the tourniquet, one can apply considerable compressive pressure to the affected limb. By simply wrapping the tourniquet, one can secure an underlying gauze bandage for simple bleeding control. An instructional video is available on the manufacturer’s website: During the video, absence of a distal pulse after tourniquet application is demonstrated via a hand-held Doppler device. I particularly liked the versatility of this product since it can also be utilized in a variety of ways including sling, swathe, abdominal wound pressure dressing, “ace wrap”, etc. Unlike other tourniquets, there are no complicated windlasses/straps/hooks to worry about. One needs to ensure a firm grip of the tourniquet during application in the presence of copious bleeding/fluids. Although advertised to be reusable unless soiled or damaged, I would surmise that it would be single use if applied to an exsanquinating (bleeding) injury. However, the SWAT Tourniquet’s lightweight, low-cost simple design means that every officer/team member can be outfitted with this lifesaving device.

Police Officer From Massachusetts

NTOA: Member Tested and Recommended Program