My name is BK, and I am a former IDF soldier and a current police officer. I am also a tactical instructor who understands the importance of point of wound care and proud to be the person my teams call “doc”. Over the past 22 years I had the opportunity to see tourniquets save lives. Period. I am glad that the tactical/medical arena is recognizing the benefits in timely and proper application of a tourniquet in saving lives. I personally have used the SWAT-T and carry several on me while deployed, from front lines to back alleys, and cannot express my gratitude for the superb product put forth by the guys at SWAT-T. Get one, get the training, and pray you’ll never need it…but know that if you do, your chances of saving a life, your own or your partner’s are that much better for it. Stay safe!

BK, President

Maryland Tactical Officer’s Association