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Included in both the Intermediate & Basic kit
The SWAT-T continues to be a favorite for trainers and first responders. This easy-to use tourniquet is one of few on the market that can work on adults, children and k9s! Easy to use and life saving, this tourniquet comes standard in both kits.

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Included in both the Intermediate & Basic kit
The Mini 2x is one of the newest products introduced at H&H Med Corp. It combines the power of our Award-winning TACGauze and our Mini Compression Bandage in one convenient package. Comes standard with both kits.

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Included in both the Intermediate & Basic kit
Stay protected with the proper PPE to perform any bleeding control tasks with our Large Nitrile Gloves. Comes standard in both kits.

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Included in the Intermediate kit
Active ingredients in the blood stoppers speed up the clotting process. QuikClot is included in the Intermediate Bleeding Control Kit.


It takes 300 seconds for someone to bleed out. Stop The Bleed fast with our stop the bleed kit.

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“I feel safer having this in the back of my truck. Even if I have not used it yet, I am confident that with the help of the video, I will be able to apply the tourniquet to myself or my family in the event of a tragic incident.”


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The Basic Vs. Intermediate Stop the Bleed Kit

The Components


SWAT-T Tourniquet: If you’ve tried direct pressure and the squirting injury hasn’t stopped, we use a tourniquet. Tourniquets are placed on the bleeding limb several inches above the part of the injury that is closest to the heart.


Mini 2x: The Mini 2x is the powerful combination of the USA-made MiniTAC gauze and the H&H Mini Compression Bandage.Frequently used together and now, combined into one bundle, means a small cube space for easy carry. This product is TAA Compliant.


Nitrile Gloves: Gloves keep your hands clean and help protect you from exposure to blood-borne viruses and bodily fluids. Never wash or reuse them; discard them immediately after tending to the injured person.


QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing: These blood stoppers contain active ingredients that when poured into the wound speed up the clotting process and help stabilize the injured person. Blood stoppers are especially useful when it’s difficult to apply the right force of direct pressure to the wound.


H&H Compressed Gauze - Civilian Edit...



H&H Flat Compressed Gauze

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Mini 2x - Gauze + Compression


First there, First Care!


Do you know what is in your Stop The Bleed kit? Do you know how to use all of the components in your kit? In this quick video, we provide a quick tutorial on each key component to help you save a life!













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