Stop the bleeding. We hear that phrase often. It’s an idiom used in everyday life to stop something from continuing or developing – often used in business to portray a runaway budget or overspending. But in its most meaningful usage, it literally means to block blood from exiting the body.

There’s many tried-and-true methods to stop bleeding. Whether its suction in the operating room or a tourniquet on the battlefield, keeping as much blood inside the body is of primary concern. We only have about 1.5 gallons of the stuff inside of us at any given time. Thus, using the most advanced and efficient materials and methods to stop the bleeding is always paramount. 

Gauze in Medical Dressing

Often taken for granted, gauze is one of the most ubiquitous medical products used. Known under its official title as “medical dressing,” it’s an essential part of any first-aid kit or doctor’s bag. Yet, being an omnipresent fixture doesn’t mean that there’s differences in quality and absorption rates among gauze manufacturers.

Those taking the lead in gauze development include researchers and product developers at H&H Med Corp, who have been providing intuitive & life saving trauma and stop the bleed kits since 1982. Their innovations in gauze technology are literally award winning and have received accolades throughout the medical industry and governmental agencies. Read on for more on the development and benefits of using H&H Medical’s TACgauze.

H&H Medical TACgauze Basics

TACgauze came on the market in late-2019 as a revolutionary advancement in medical dressing. It’s a nonwoven cotton gauze that quickly stanches bleeding and promotes wound healing, thanks to the efforts of a multidisciplinary team that includes scientists with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to the USDA, their pioneering research on the medical uses of cotton dates to World War II, when textile chemist Charles Goldthwait teamed with the commander of a local Naval hospital and his staff to create a semi-elastic, form-fitting dressing that proved superior to those being used at the medical facility. These gauzes were battle tested toward the war’s end, patented by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and commercialized by industry.

Unlike processed cotton gauzes, TACgauze uses greige fiber without scouring and bleaching, leaving its natural store of lipids, waxes, and pectin intact in the outer cuticle and primary cell wall, which is largely made of crystalized cellulose. Those components contribute to greige cotton’s absorbency, softness and healing properties. In fact, TACgauze also releases small amounts of hydrogen peroxide that researchers have attributed to its advanced rate of healing versus other medical dressing.

H&H Medical TACgauze Benefits

Leaving aside the research and development of TACgauze, the primary issue, as noted earlier, is stopping the bleeding. Indeed, TACgauze™ Wound Wrapping Gauze uses existing manufacturing processes in the US to create an affordable, effective, Berry Amendment compliant gauze for military and civilian use, a perfect addition to any IFAK or first aid kit. It’s uses include multiple applications in emergencies, such as:

  • Bleeding control and absorption from wounds
  • Wound and limb wrapping to protect injuries
  • Additional packing for compression bandages

Despite its potent ability to absorb blood at an increased rate, it’s small footprint takes up less space in kits. TAGgauze can be cut to any length with little to no fray/particles. Finally, all H&H Medical products are made in the USA and are guaranteed to be sterile with no supply chain issues.

Adding H&H Medical TACgauze to Your Inventory

The research into TACgauze hasn’t been placed on the shelf. Additional advancements in functional fabric finishes and treatments, such as those containing antimicrobial, hemostatic, and wound-healing agents are on the horizon.

H&H Med Corp has intuitive products that are designed to be rugged, high-quality, and easy-to-use. Whether you need a product for the front lines, or you want to protect your customers & employees, we have a life saving product or kit just for you. Their TACgauze Wound Wrapping Gauze and MiniTAC Rolled Wrapping Gauze are now available and ready to ship in 24 hours. 

The team at H&H Med Corp is ready and willing to help you. Contact them at (800) 326-5708 or e-mail at marketing@hhmedcorp.com. Visit them on the web at https://buyhandh.com/