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Just going to the grocery store these days means you have to be COVID battle ready. Even though wearing PPE is the norm, accidentally forgetting it when you do leave the house is bound to happen. And with many businesses and state and local municipalities requiring masks in public spaces, you want to be prepared. No need for a U-turn if you keep your vehicle stocked with disposable personal protective equipment kits.

Disposable PPE is intended to be used just once and then immediately disposed of in case it has been exposed to someone else’s infection. Not only do disposable masks and gloves help slow the spread of the virus, they are wallet-friendly, and you don’t have to worry about bringing them inside to clean after each use.

H&H Med Corp’s Oh [S]kit! PPE Kit provides the ideal solution for those trips out when you forget your mask or need to wipe down a shopping cart or other often touched surfaces you may be worried about. The kits are compact—1.5 oz—and easily fit in a purse, a glove compartment, or in your own personal IFAK. Each kit contains:

One Universal Size 3-Ply Face Mask. Wear to help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets.

  •  Comfortable fit and easy to breathe through
  • One size fits most
  • High BFE and PFE filtration

Two 5″ x 7″ Antiseptic Wipes. Use to wipe down and sanitize surfaces like shopping carts and baskets.

  • Sanitary, individually wrapped packets
  • Contains 80% alcohol antiseptic

One Pair of Non-Latex Nitrile Gloves. Use in high risk situations where you might be exposed to bodily fluids.  

  • You choose the size – M, L or XL
  • Ideal for those with latex sensitivities

Whether you are going on a grocery supply run or a quick trip away from the house, H&H’s Oh [S]kit! PPE Kit can help you get through the coronavirus pandemic. Shop the kit now.