H&H Med Corp - National Preparedness Month

Preparedness is a constant.  You prepare for the unexpected injury, accident or attack.  You save lives.  You even save yourselves.  Having the right med kits, whether as police, SWAT, EMS, first responders or just individuals concerned about what might happen, is part of your definition of preparedness.


National Preparedness Month is the official time which celebrates your preparedness in the event of an emergency.   We salute those who have the foresight to stock those trauma kits and first aid supplies – “just in case”.  We applaud those who take the time to learn what to do to save a life and know how to swiftly act when seconds count, whether as a frontline professional or as a conscientious citizen who cares.  Your preparedness is to be celebrated.  


But there is more to being prepared than having the right first aid supplies in our emergency kits or rigs.  This is a good month for C.S.P.T:

  • Check 
  • Stock 
  • Practice
  • Teach 



Not all items in your rigs or emergency survival kits last forever.  Many do have a shelf life that should be periodically checked for replacement.  Chest seals and Swat-T’s are prime examples.  


Make sure outdated trauma and first aid supplies are restocked and other essential items are replenished.  Dig back into those crevices or the bottom of your first aid bag.  If things looks questionable, replace them with fresh items.



Don’t throw out those outdated items.  Use them for practice to keep up on your skills.  Get a feel for opening and using the gear.  Ever practiced putting on a tourniquet one-handed?  Now is a good time just in case you are the one who needs help.



Who is your hiking buddy?  Who do you climb or cycle with?  Use those expired supplies along with emergency kits to show others what to do if you go down.  And if you need additional resources or examples, here are videos on almost every item in your emergency preparedness kit.


Remember, preparedness is a constant, but it comes in many levels.  It not only deals with fractures and lacerations.  It can go on to be more advanced and include blunt force and penetrating traumas.  Bleeding control can be one of the most important skills to learn.  Basic life support and, for professionals, advanced life support, all have their special skill sets and emergency medical supplies.  National Preparedness Month might be an opportunity to brush up and move up to more advanced preparation.


To those who give of their time and talent to save lives, H&H Med Corp salutes you – and we want to help you in your selfless calling.  We have military grade medical products, everything from first aid kits to more advanced life saving supplies; even PPE for today’s environment.  Always innovative, always rugged and reliable, take a look at our online catalog to resupply items that have reached their expiration date, to add pieces to your arsenal of preparedness or for more information. 


Preparedness is a constant.  It is your calling, and we thank you for your selfless acts.

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