SWAT-T Documented save Pediatric Application

The Child Was In Significant Pain, Still Bleeding, And The Bar Could Not Be Secured.


September 2012, Oakland, CA – Officers respond to school and find a male child stabbed in the right arm.

“We found obvious arterial bleeding (inner upper arm), as other officers continued looking for the suspect.” The first officer on scene attempted windlass TQ. After a couple of minutes stopped trying it – due to not being able to secure the tourniquet. The bar would not seat in the locking mechanism due to the curve caused by this 10 year old’s arm.

“The child was in significant pain, still bleeding, and the bar could not be secured.”

Fortunately, one of the other officers also carried a SWAT-T. We held direct pressure on the wound, quickly applied the SWAT-T – just above the injury. The bleeding stopped and the child tolerated the tourniquet and was handed over to EMS a short time later. – JM