Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement officers need reliable, easy-to-use tactical medical options. H&H Med Corps’ trauma kits & components are designed for pre-hospital life-sustaining treatment.

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Intuitive & Life Saving Solutions For Traumatic Injuries

The H&H Med Corp team has worked with a variety of public safety officers across the US to design products and kits that provide solutions to sustain the life of citizens, K9s, and fellow officers.

Our kits and components can be used in response to:

  • Penetrating Trauma
  • Blunt Trauma
  • Bleeding Control
  • BLS / ALS
  • Airway Management
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High-Quality, Long Lasting & Reliable

In the line of fire, having life-saving components readily available is the difference between life and death. Whether you’re responding to an MCI or other traumatic event, our trauma kits & components will help you save a life.

H&H Med Corp offers military grade products including:

  • Gauzes
  • Pressure Bandages
  • Chest Seals
  • SWAT-T
  • Tourniquets
  • Pneumothorax Needles
  • Cricothyrotomy Kits

Resources & Guides

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H&H Med Corp's line of trauma products are intuitively designed and easy-to-use for any user.

We offer training resources and guides to ensure you’re trained on how to use our products in a critical trauma environment.

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