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It is critical for offices and businesses to maintain a stocked trauma kit, especially when emergency medical personnel are not readily available.

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Intuitive & Life Saving Solutions For Traumatic Injuries

At H&H Med Corp, our experience at the front lines and our extensive research into traumatic events has helped us design and manufacture military-grade products that are easy-to-use in any environment.

Our kits and components can be used in response to:

  • Injuries from acts of violence
  • Injuries from  natural disaster fall-out
  • Injuries from equipment 
  • Slip & Fall injuries
  • Basic Scrapes & First-Aid
  • Severe Bleeding Event
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High-Quality, Long Lasting & Reliable

In today’s world, having life-saving components readily available is the difference between life and death. Our trauma components and stop the bleed kits are not only easy to use, but our database of resources provides detailed instructions to assist users in the proper use and help them save a life.

H&H Med Corp manufactures military grade products including:

  • Gauzes
  • Bandages
  • Chest Seals
  • SWAT-T

Resources & Guides

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H&H Med Corp's line of trauma products are intuitively designed and easy-to-use for any user.

We offer training resources and guides to ensure you’re trained on how to use our products in a critical trauma environment.

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