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H&H Medical Corp Announces the Launch of the Mini 2x Gauze + Compression


WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (February 23, 2021) — H&H Medical Corporation, a leading provider of emergency trauma products, is introducing the Mini 2x, a powerful combination of the USA-made H&H MiniTAC Gauze and Mini Compression Bandage. Frequently used together and now, combined into one sterile bundle, the Mini 2x packs essential trauma gear in an easy carry package. 

“With the Mini 2x, a first responder can tear open the package and begin packing a wound, then wrap the wound with compression in a matter of seconds,” H&H Med Corp President Paul Harder said. “With its convenient vacuum-sealed packaging, the Mini 2x fits in any pocket, pouch, drawer, or go-bag to carry anywhere.”

The Mini 2x features our MiniTAC Rolled Wrapping Gauze with a smaller footprint for compact packing. Designed for everyday carry and Made in the USA, the gauze is an outstanding performer in bleeding control and absorption from wounds. The cotton-fiber technology behind this performance was designed in partnership with the USDA and won the 2021 FLC Excellence In Technology Transfer Award as well as the 2019 Gears of Government Award.

Designed to be a variant of our cornerstone line of compression bandages, the Mini Compression Bandage provides the same military grade performance with a smaller footprint. 

At 1.1 inches thick, this bundle is a fast, effective and sterile tool for many kinds of traumas and injuries. “The purpose of the Mini 2x is to combine our popular Mini Compression Bandage with our new MiniTAC Wound Gauze for a convenient all-in-one bleeding control pack,” Harder said. 

With experience at the front lines in both the battle environment and first response, H&H Med Corp has the on-the-ground experience to design and develop products that are not only effective, but easy-to-use and accessible. 

“H&H Med Corp’s mission is to create products that save minutes to save lives,” Harder said. “One way to save minutes is to reduce the amount of packaging needed to treat a wound, and that’s the power of the Mini 2x.”

The Mini 2x – Gauze + Compression Kit is available online at

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