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Emergencies happen.  That’s why you have chosen to be prepared.  Whether you’re in the great outdoors or in the city, any situation can unexpectedly turn into a life threatening situation.  That’s why a small, easily portable medical emergency kit is a necessity.  You already know the critical minutes are the ones before help arrives. It’s when more lives are lost.  


Most critical are the injuries where there is a puncture or surface wound.  The bleeding has to be stopped.  That’s why we’ve put together this list for the ultimate survivalist’s emergency kit.  It may be the only thing standing between life and death for someone – or possibly for you.  And this whole stop-the-bleed kit, which is professional grade and combat tested, can be easily put together in a small, lightweight pouch.


SWAT-T™ Tourniquet

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The SWAT-T™ Tourniquet may be one of the most important pieces of your survivalist emergency kit because of its many uses and ease of use.  It is a light-weight, combat proven tourniquet that can be quickly applied within seconds, even to yourself.  It can fit any sized limb, even be used on dogs, and can be held in place with a simple wrap and tuck – no tape or fasteners required.  Even instructions are self-contained.  Simply stretch the band until the “diamond” appears and you’ll have sufficient pressure to stop the bleed.  But don’t forget, the SWAT-T™ Tourniquet can also be used for other things, such as a splint for-holding wrap for a possible leg or arm break.



TACgauze™ Wound Wrapping Gauze

This is the gauze that reduces adhesion to tissue wounds, can be cut to any length with less fraying and has more than 60% greater absorbance – all while taking up less room in your emergency kit.  It’s used to control bleeding or blood absorption,  as a wrap to protect injuries and can be used as extra packing when you need a compression bandage.  Many people also use it as a temporary wrap when you need to stabilize a joint, such as a knee or ankle.  Now modernized with today’s advantages, this go-to wrap is better than ever.



 The ECD™ – Emergency Compression Dressing

The ECD™ is for large wounds that need immediate compression.  It features a large, 8×10” ABD pad with an easy to use red dot hook.  Attached is a latex-free elastic wrap which offers the tight wrap needed for compression.  All of this while still taking up very little space in your pack.


 Flat Folded Duct Tape

Combat medic tape is a must for most emergency situations.  But those big rolls take up a lot of space when you’re trying to travel light.  Flat Folded Duct Tape is the solution.  Two inches by 100”, it is folded into a 6” convenient piece, held securely so it won’t unfold in your emergency kit.  It can be cut to any length.  Duct tape is used for 1001 purposes.  Here it is with your pack in mind and with the same toughness and adhesion we all love.


Wound Seal Duo and Wound Seal Kits

Wound Seal Duo, and counterpart Wound Seal Kits, applies quickly to a wound to stop bleeding.  They are sterile, TCCC-compliant occlusive dressings with hydrogel adhesive that will stick to the skin even through debris and blood.  Best of all they can be repositioned without loss of adhesion, and can be used with multiple Wound Seals for larger coverage.

Wound Seal Duo is 6×8,  has a long tab and ventilation for easy removal and comes two to a pack.  Wound Seal Kits include an ABD pad.


Mini Compression Bandages

These compression bandages are so small they can fit easily into a pocket, but they have the same compression and stretch capabilities as their bigger cousins.  They will provide compression to any location on an adult or child.  At 34” they stretch to 4’ and come with a 4×6” ABD pad.  They are an indispensable item in any survivalist’s kit.


Victorinox Rescue Knife

This little knife has a long history of service to the military, first responders and SWAT teams – and with good reason.  Originally built as a parachute cord knife, it has proven itself to be invaluable within an emergency pack.  The 4” serrated blade cuts like you wouldn’t believe and folds into a light weight, thin handle when not in use.  A large thumb hole means one handed opening, where a lock falls into place so it can’t fold back on the user.  It even has a phillips screwdriver to open knots or to be used as a handy level in multiple situations.


When a survivalist is looking to build an emergency kit or bag, he or she is looking for 3 things:

  1. The ability to stop the bleed quickly.
  2. Wound and compression material for exterior and penetrating wounds.
  3. Tools that offer quick flexibility so single use tools don’t take up room in a pack.


These things here get the job done, are critical to survival in a life threatening situation and are light, easy to carry and can be put into a small space.  They make up the ultimate survivalist emergency kit.


And the best part is that all items can be found from one source, H&H Med Corp, and can be put together for under $120.  Check out individual items by following the links above, or see the entire collection at once by going here.


Emergencies happen.  That’s why you prepare.  That’s why you should trust the combat proven readiness of H&H products.