H&H Med Corp - Boston Marathon Bombings

I Found The Device To Be Very Useful And Was Able To Apply It Quickly…


“After the first bomb struck it was disorienting, and deafening…. I propped myself up on my elbows and saw the second one detonated and at that time I began to run towards my car. By the time I got to my car I regained my wits, and put on my vest and thigh rig (trauma pack) which has some gauze, Israeli dressings, QC, CAT-Tourniquet and several SWAT-T’s.

I made my way back to the incident scene and was able to help my team from the BAA triage some of the patients. I used two SWAT-T’s on leg amputations/partial amputations, and one on a severely injured arm which had what I believed to be a brachial bleed. I found the device to be very useful and was able to apply it quickly… I have always been partial to the SWAT-T because of its ease of use, self explanatory application, small compact size, and ability to be re-adjusted (tightened) without totally loosening/removing the device.” – NM