H&H Med Corp - Interview Triad Medical

Last week, we met with Matthew Casey to learn more about his company Triad Medical, and how they use H&H Med Corp Products. 

Matthew Casey is the owner of Triad Medical, a veteran-owned and public safety operated company who provides on-premise response and preparedness courses to businesses, schools, civilians, and law enforcement.

About Tactical Medical Training at Triad Medical 

Triad Medical provides a variety of courses open to the public. These courses are a mix of live fire and tactical medical training to help improve the “prepared mindset”. According to Casey, tactical medicine should not be reserved for law enforcement or emergency medical personnel. He states that being a responsible gun owner is all about “Self-Defense 360”. Winning the gun fight is not enough, you have to survive it. 

“Tactical medical is the most overlooked aspect of self defense,” Casey said. 

What to Expect From A Course at Triad Medical

All courses at Triad Medical are geared around the fundamentals of firearm safety and marksmanship. Part of these courses include a powerpoint presentation on the science behind tactical medicine and TECC/TCCC. 

What makes Triad Medical different is the live, real world application of the proper tactical skills. 

Triad Medical has courses for all skill levels including beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses, ladies only courses, cadaver courses, rifle training, and pistol training. 


Questions and Answers

  • What is your industry experience providing tactical medical training?

Answer: “I have been a trainer with the police department for a long time. In the private sector, a little over two years.”

  • How long were you a trainer in the police department?

Answer: “I retired from the police department, but i am still an instructor at the police academy. Down here in Florida, we have general instructors and high-liability. First-aid and firearms falls under the high-liability category, and I am still doing that with the police academy.”

H&H Med Corp - Interview Triad Medical

In course training with the H&H Med Corp Bolin Chest Seal

  • What are your areas of expertise?

Answer: “I was a SWAT medic for the most of my career. TECC / TCCC areas.”

  • What is your favorite course to teach?

Answer: “I do ladies only classes and that’s probably one of my favorite classes. They come with no egos, they are very eager to learn. I was involved in the major two active shooters down here at the Airport and Stoneman Douglas. I like bringing my real world experience to it, and a lot of that has to do with ‘bad stuff’. I bring a different level of realism to the classes. I teach people a lot about my mistakes as opposed to acting like I’m perfect.”

  • How many people do you have in a class?

Answer: “Most of our classes are around 10. We just started doing our cadaver classes, where we have an actual dead body on site, it gets profused with cow’s blood, and quikclot/celox actually works on it. In those classes, we get 20 students in those but we cap it at 10 per day. We don’t want to oversell our classes because we want to have hands-on experience with all of our students.”

  • What H&H Med Corp Products do you train people on the most? 

Answer: “I specialize in k9 trauma kits.[…] The SWAT-T is integral to my k9 trauma kits. Hands down, I won’t put another tourniquet in that kit, for the dog, other than the SWAT-T.” 

“In my classes, we use compressed gauze, ECD, and mini compression bandage. I used the mini compression bandage as a cop on the road. To me, it’s the best mini bandage on the market. I everyday carry [the mini compression bandage]. I have that and quikclot rubber banded together for my everyday carry.”

“I have been using the H-Bandage since I was in Iraq as a corpsman. I am very familiar with the H-Bandage and I still show my students the H-bandage in my courses. I like the H-Bandage with the anchor points. They are ‘money’. They work really well.”

“The anchor points with the H, you could really get the bandage on nice and tight. It was very simple to use, I’ve never had one ‘fail or break’ on me. I’ve never had an H-bandage fail on me operationally or in training. Of all of the compression bandages, I could get the H-bandage the tightest.[…] I can use the H-bandage over and over in training, it’s really durable. I still have some H-bandages in my gearbox from when I was a cop still using them. They hold up.”

  • What is the benefit of the SWAT-T?

Answer: “During my courses, we talk about pediatric trauma in all of my classes. I highlight the SWAT-T during that conversation. I tell the parents in my courses that the SWAT-T is really good for kids, the price point is right on the money, and they take up no room.”

“I have two kids and whenever I go anywhere, I carry my SWAT-T. That is my kids’ tourniquet.”

“I also highlight it in my class as a pressure dressing. After wound packing a wound, we will demo using the SWAT-T as a pressure dressing on top of that… It’s a simple tourniquet, the price-point is great. It’s a great secondary tourniquet and a great tool for a pressure bandage.”

  • What do you recommend people on a budget purchase?
H&H Med Corp - Interview Triad Medical

H&H Med Corp Products

Answer:  “I tell people that are coming in on a budget, if they have $60 to work with, it seems like everyone wants hemostatics, it’s the new thing – they want quikclot/celox. That’s a huge part of your budget – that can be up to $40 depending on where you source it from. I will tell them to get a TCCC-approved windless style tourniquet, get 2-3 packs of compressed gauze, a SWAT-T tourniquet and a chest seal. You can do a lot more with all of these products than just a tourniquet and quikclot/celox.” 








Triad Medical had up to 8 former navy or marine instructors and courses are open to the public.

To learn more, or to see their full schedule of courses visit their instagram or their website – triadmedicaltraining.com.