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H&H Med Corp partners with our customers to design intuitive life-sustaining solutions to their specification.

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Our History

At our core H&H Med Corp is a team of problem solvers. We find answers.

Founded in 1982 by Robert Harder, H&H Medical served as an engineering consulting firm with an expertise in federal contracting and systems engineering.

Since 2001, H&H Medical has prioritized our expertise to serve the combat first aid environment. Our focus has been on the pressing needs of the military, specifically in major trauma situations that have the potential to cause prolonged disability or death.

Now, we’ve made our products available to all civilian first responders who also face the heat of battle between life and death.

After a life-threatening injury, you have seconds. And you have us.

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Our Products

Our ability to design and manufacture low-cost, world class medical bandages and trauma solutions has brought more lifesaving devices to the field than ever before.

We have developed a full-line of military grade, battle tested emergency products that have revolutionized how life-threatening injuries are treated.

You can trust our solutions because they’ve already seen it all.

They’ve been through it all. And they are ready for the fight.


We began by asking the question, “How do you keep someone alive?”

H&H Med Corp has an answer.

H&H Med Corp Awards

EMS World award winner
Gears of Government award winner

H&H Med Corp Products

The average ambulance response time in the US is 8 minutes and in many cases, it only takes 5 minutes for someone to bleed out. Our products are designed for the life-saving minutes between a traumatic event and the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

Bleeding Control

Tested & proven products to stop and control severe bleeding.

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Products for BLS & ALS

Along with our Stop the Bleed products, we offer a variety of components for medical professionals.

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Pre-Made Kits

Kits designed for every level of emergency or use.

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Ready-To-Ship Components

Replace frequently used components quickly or refresh expired components in your trauma kits.

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Resources & Guides

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H&H Med Corp's line of trauma products are intuitively designed and easy-to-use for any user.

We offer training resources and guides to ensure you’re trained on how to use our products in a critical trauma environment.

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